Information About The Lamont Court
Bruce M. Blythe, Attorney at Law
Lamont is 100 miles north of Los Angeles in Kern County, California.  The Court
hears all traffic and criminal cases in the area, including a large portion of Interstate 5
and Highway 99.  Two Judges sit in this Local Superior Court which is comprised of
two Courtrooms.  As of October of 2013, all Taft cases now go to Lamont Superior
Court.  The clerk's office allows phone calls for speeding ticket cases and traffic

                   Arvin/Lamont Branch Court
                            12022 Main Street, Lamont CA 93241
(661) 868-5800
The Lamont Court located in southern Kern County is the primary judicial
district for all speeding tickets, DUI, criminal charges and traffic matters that
originate on Interstate 5

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